Sitemap Compare 1.0.0

Sitemap Compare (Freeware)

Sitemap Compare (Freeware)With this program you can compare two sitemaps: for example, a local sitemap and a sitemap on an HTTP server. Particularly suited to verify the consistency of automatically generated sitemaps.

Supported transfer protocols: HTTP://, FTP:// und FILE:///

Display transfer time, the number of sitemap entries, and the positions that were not found in the sitemap on the other side.

Preparation and separate display of each Sitemaps as well as the HTTP header of the transmit and receive operation.

All settings can be made through startup parameters of the program, so that can be created for different sitemap comparisons own program shortcuts:

LeftURL: The Sitemap URL for the left side.
LeftLeader: The left-most part of the URL that is different from the URL of the right sitemap.
LeftProxy: The URL of a proxy server may be used.
RightURL: The Sitemap URL for the right side.
RightLeader: The left-most part of the URL that is different from the URL of the left sitemap.
RightProxy: The URL of a proxy server may be used.

LeftLeader and Right Leader describe the different beginnings of URLs that should not to compare the URLs are used in the two Sitemaps. Nothing is entered, sets in HTTP transmissions are automatically the domain of the Sitemap URL (http://www.domain.tld/sitemap.xml becomes http://www.domain.tld/).

Any authentication on the Web server or the proxy is requested as needed during the call.

SitemapCompare.exe LeftURL:http://localhost/homepage/sitemap.xml RightURL:
SitemapCompare.exe LeftURL:file:///C:\homepage\sitemap.xml LeftLeader:http://localhost/homepage/ RightURL:
SitemapCompare.exe LeftURL:http://localhost/homepage/sitemap.xml LeftLeader: RightURL:

The program may be used as freeware with no restrictions.

System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 with .NET 2.0.